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Russian Music Counter


Our Rules

Welcome to join in our new project - Russian Music Counter.

Our Rules:

The counter is supposed to register the number of times one particular page is visited (though this rule is less strict with us than with Rambler). The counter gives the number of unique hosts and the total number of visitings since the counter was installed. But though counter-visitings are registered it is only unique hosts that are being rated. This rating, on the one hand, gives quite objective characteristics of the site▓s audience and on the other hand, better resists attempts at deliberate forgery if compared with the total number of visitings.

As the rating takes into account only unique hosts, the rules of our counter allow to install one and the same counter for analogous pages (it's for the site's webmaster to decide) - for instance, for the Russian and the English versions. As we are not planning to store and give the data on a particular page that refers the counter, so installation of one counter for a great many pages is rather pointless and besides, may make it more difficult to analyse the statistics of your site. Besides, the webmaster should realise that if he installs a counter on a large number of pages he exercises overload on our server and such counter usage is most undesirable.

As it becomes clear from the title, it is, first of all, music sites that are invited to take part in this project though we do not mind participation of other sites as well. For the time being we can declare that it is music trend that we are planning to develop.


Rating Categories

Every site may be in no more them 3 rating categories 3-х from the following list. You must chose at least one of them.

1. Large music sites and Music Magazines.

2. Musicians and groups.

3. Author's songs.

4. Classical music.

5. Music archives.

6. Music styles.

7. Sites for musicians.

8. Directories and Ratings.

9. Music Lables.

10. MP3 и Real Audio sites.

11. MIDI sites.

12. Electronic shops.

13. Other music sites.

14. Non-music sites.


How to Install the Counter?

Step 1. Register in the system by giving the name of the site in Russian and in English, URL, the name of the webmaster (in Russian and in English), his e-mail and the pass-word which can be used if you want to change the in-put information in the future. As a result, your site receives a number (ID) in our system.

Step 2. Locate in any place of your page the HTML code. You may chose one of the following codes dependig of counter style:

Old style small size counter:

<a href= ><img src= height=40 width=88 border=0></a>

New style small size counter:

<a href= ><img src= height=40 width=88 border=0></a>

Large size counter:

<a href= ><img src= height=70 width=100 border=0></a>

Counter without digits - all the hits will be counted, but no any digits will presents on counter image:

<a href= ><img src= height=40 width=88 border=0></a>

From now on the counter starts storing the information about visitings of your site.

The sites that have not located the above given code on their pages or those who haven't got any hits during a month, may be excluded from the rating.


A Few Words About the Idea of the Project

This counter is in no way alternative to Rambler or other counters. Moreover, we consider Rambler to be a very good means and so we realize that in the near future we will hardly be able to create a counter of similar size that could count the larger part of Russian Internet-sites. But on the other hand, we think it useful to have some extra means of independent site auditing(counters and other means of auditing). These extra means, in the least, allow to trust more the results of different ratings. Alas, all independent counters are always undercounting things and one should have an opportunity to make sure of this himself or herself. Besides, one counter will never be able to do any possible thing. It is difficult to do an accurate and exact analysis on super-counters like Rambler due to the huge volume of processed data. In our project we decided to make a measuring means for music sites. Music sites were chosen simply because the team of the developers are at home with this subject.

Our counter classifies visitings according to the geographic principle. Visitings inside Russia are classified to within a city. Actually, "city" usually means "region" or "republic". IP addresses have not been classified so far - but it will be done in the nearest future. Besides, the database stores and makes available for public access the data about all the hosts visiting each site - participant of the rating.

You must have taken notice of the fact that this service of ours is undergoing a stage of development... and so we most kindly beg your pardon for possible troubles. If you've got remarks, questions or suggestions plese contact us.

If you agree with our rules you can



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WebMaster and Programmer: Sergey Ryzhkov
Design: David A. Mzareulyan